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Wedding Venue Virtual Tour

Wedding Venue Virtual Tour

We have just completed a lovely wedding venue virtual tour, a stunning renovation of a conservatory and an ideal location for those looking for a Liverpool venue that can cater for the complete package, wedding ceremony, wedding breakfast/meal and evening receptions at an affordable price. The Isla Gladstone Conservatory in Stanley Park Liverpool provides a picturesque setting for weddings and the efficient, friendly staff are there to make your wedding day perfect. The large glass conservatory lends itself to a variety of themes.

The Isla Gladstone Conservatory

We hope you enjoy the virtual tour.

Another new Holiday Cottage Customer.

Another new Holiday Cottage Customer.


In our last post, we mentioned that we were off to Norfolk for 10 more holiday cottage virtual tours.
Well, we were there last week, and all are now complete, and will soon be displayed on the Cottage Companies website. What a beautiful part of the country – even in Winter…

For further information about these cottages visit Birds Holiday Homes

Keep coming back, as next year we will be adding more cottages for Birds’ owners.

Business “savvie”

Business “savvie”

I have a little story that I think shows the importance of moving your business forward – or letting it stay the same while the competition gains the lead (actually it is pinched from Dale Carnegie – the USA sales maestro LOL)

A shoe manufacturer in the UK decided to try and develop business in a relatively poor part of the world, so they sent their salesman out there for a “recce”, to see what potential business was like. After a few days of visiting towns and villages he reported back to his company in the UK ‘ there is no business here unfortunately, because no-one wears shoes’ so the company pulled him back to the UK. After a few months they thought they would try again, so they sent another guy out to the country…….. he reported back ‘send as many shoes as you can! the potential is enormous – no-one has shoes out here!!’

Is the glass half full or half empty? Property owners might take something from this – invest in your business, market it to its full potential and put yourself up above your competition who are relying on the old and trusted ways of promoting their properties!

A quality 360 virtual tour can help you do just this!

Just a thought!

Are 360 Virtual Tours effective in gaining more business?

Are 360 Virtual Tours effective in gaining more business?

Hi, Richard here.

I have just been reading a brief article regarding the effectiveness of Virtual Tours in attracting more business. I thought I would share it with you.

Posted on April 14, 2010, 3:40 pm, by VFM Leonardo.

Did you know?

Travel shoppers who view photos, virtual tours, and video of your hotel
are 115% more likely to book than travel shoppers who view photos alone.1 Use a combination of media types to represent your hotel online. Here’s why…

Video serves as an overview of the property and location and helps establish an emotional connection with travel shoppers.

Virtual Tours help tell your story by demonstrating size and scope of features and amenities.

Photos show your hotel at a glance and can highlight finishing touches in detail.
A combination of all three types of media give travel shoppers a comprehensive view of a hotel and what they can expect during their stay.

1 VFM Leonardo, Report on Results of Consumer Hotel Rich Media Viewing & Booking Conversion Study, April 2008.

House sellers requesting 360 virtual tours!

House sellers requesting 360 virtual tours!

Richard has recently been approached by two separate people, who are in the process of selling their houses, to complete 360 Virtual Tours for them, which they could then request be added to their Estate Agents information. He was happy to oblige! They were truly delighted with the results.

Now, on our browsings, we have seen the ‘attempts’ at Virtual Tours that some Estate Agents have produced – and well…..if anything they would probably deter prospective buyers!

Now that the HIPS has been finished, why don’t more Estate Agents go down the route of encouraging House sellers to have a ‘good quality’ Virtual Tour done. They are such an excellent marketing tool and at the end of the day, more viewers = more offers = more sales = happy house sellers + happy estate agents!


Ghosts on 360Virtual Tours

Ghosts on 360Virtual Tours

I am a bit of a fan of the spooky programmes on TV, mainly Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. Richard thinks I am just weird LOL. He does not believe in any kind of ghostly stuff……..

So I am throwing him a challenge……

If anyone out there in the Lancashire / Manchester area thinks they have a ‘haunted property’ let us come and do you a Virtual Tour and see if anything shows up. Richard will do you a reduced priced Tour (only because I told him to!!) for the first to respond to this challenge – £100 for five room scenes! If anything does show up, it will be a great feature on your Website!! This is a one-off offer, come on – don’t let me down! Email us!


700 Virtual Tours Completed!

700 Virtual Tours Completed!

We have not blogged for ages!!! …….been so busy thank goodness.

We have now completed our 700th Virtual Tour (approximately 7000 scenes and about 80,000+ individual images!) and we just get better and better! (trumpet blowing is allowed LOL!)

Well done to Richard, his hard work and dedication is reaping its much deserved rewards. We get so many complimentary comments about the work he does, it makes it all so worthwhile.

See you soon.

Some Client Requests!!

Some Client Requests!!


Thought I might go a bit more light hearted today, its Tuesday and raining, so I hope I can make you smile a little……
During the course of his commissions, Richard sometimes gets asked if when he is editing the Virtual Tours, he could make ‘some little tweeks!’
On the whole Richard would rather present what is there truthfully , because one of the advantages of Virtual Tours is to give potential customers complete confidence, that what they see is what they get. OK – a bit of lawn tidying, or turning a grey sky blue is acceptable, but removing a pylon from a window? or covering up large cracks? I think not!! LOL
Anyway – on that note I have penned a little ditty…..OK OK the next Poet Laureate I am NOT! ;o)

    Some Client Requests!

Can you erase the damp spot in the hall?
Put bricks back in the garden wall
Make the flowers a brighter hue
Ensure the sky is clear and blue!
Can you cover up the miles of wire?
Make that pylon look like a spire
Fill that crack behind the door
Polish up the wooden floor
Make that old sofa look a treat!
Line the towels up nice and neat
Make that bedroom lamp look brighter
Change the room colour so it’s lighter!
Can you take the weeds out of the lawn
Patch that curtain, it’s a little torn
And can you make granny’s old chair
Look like Harrods put it there?
Now can I just inform you all
Your requests sometimes bewilder
I am Richard the Virtual Tour guy
Not chuffin’ Bob the Builder!!

Cheers x

Virtual Tour Franchises

Virtual Tour Franchises

Ok – got my controversial cap on today!

More and more Virtual Tour companies are jumping on the Franchise wagon, charging thousands of pounds for a franchise. Indeed this was the initial route Richard went down when he first started in virtual tours (but not for long I might add).

Bear in mind that Richard has dabbled in photography as a hobby for over 30 years, he was confident that he could transfer his knowledge into a business, which it now is. He has, however, studied, practised and learned so much over the past four years and is improving on quality and technique all the time. How much control do the Franchise companies have over the quality of work their franchisees produce. I read one site offering franchises the other day saying ‘ no training required!’ Don’t kid yourselves!

Also – they offer ‘dedicated areas’ with no other franchisee working the same area. How do they know how many other Virtual Tour providers are already in that area? Are there other Virtual Tour companies franchisees already in that area? How big is an area? What happens if you are in an area with less business opportunity than some of the busier areas?

I can see the advantage of a company being able to cover a nationwide contract with a number of franchisees able to cover various parts of the country, but how do they explain to a potentially enormous customer like that, that every Virtual Tour will be exactly the same quality even though they will be photographed and processed by many different people?

While being an independent can be a hard slog to get established, I dont see that franchisees have any advantages on start-up. They still have to market, sell, contact, advertise etc etc.

How many of these franchise companies can hold their hands up and honestly say ‘ we are in this to produce quality Virtual Tours’ as opposed to ‘we are in this to raise a lot of money in lump sums from franchisees, and the more the better’.

Oooops did I say that?? ;o)

Anyway – if you think I am misguided then please feel free to comment, particularly those franchisees that are making good livings from their initial investment and haven’t wondered what they paid all that money for!

Of course – this is just my personal opinion…….

Video versus Virtual Tour

Video versus Virtual Tour

Now I ain’t about to start decrying Video production, because Videos have their rightful place and benefits for many projects, but I think when it comes to properties that Virtual Tours have definite advantages.

OK – so you own a Holiday property or Hotel and decide to have something more graphic than single images on your Website… you choose Video of Virtual Tour? Well … on the Video the gates to your property swing open and the Video pans around the entrance, then the front door opens in slow motion ….. all very nice…..


what happens when you decide to completely refurbish a couple of rooms, or have a swish new kitchen installed? Do you have a complete new Video filmed? Expensive!

With a Virtual Tour the replacement scenes can be photographed and edited quickly and seamlessly into the Virtual Tour, at far less cost. Also I think Virtual Tours are far more interactive for the viewer, they can scan, zoom in and out, quickly change scenes from one room to another etc etc. We have done several reshoots for clients when they have upgraded an aspect of the property – one recently had a hot tub installed into the garden – a major attraction for guests and it was so easy to add into the Virtual Tour, but what if they had had a Video instead? Another advantage is that with a Virtual Tour you are showing your prospective customers EVERYTHING from floor to ceiling AND wall to wall, how many Videos do that?

Anyway – I am biased! LOL :o)

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