I have a little story that I think shows the importance of moving your business forward – or letting it stay the same while the competition gains the lead (actually it is pinched from Dale Carnegie – the USA sales maestro LOL)

A shoe manufacturer in the UK decided to try and develop business in a relatively poor part of the world, so they sent their salesman out there for a “recce”, to see what potential business was like. After a few days of visiting towns and villages he reported back to his company in the UK ‘ there is no business here unfortunately, because no-one wears shoes’ so the company pulled him back to the UK. After a few months they thought they would try again, so they sent another guy out to the country…….. he reported back ‘send as many shoes as you can! the potential is enormous – no-one has shoes out here!!’

Is the glass half full or half empty? Property owners might take something from this – invest in your business, market it to its full potential and put yourself up above your competition who are relying on the old and trusted ways of promoting their properties!

A quality 360 virtual tour can help you do just this!

Just a thought!