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Are 360 Virtual Tours effective in gaining more business?

Are 360 Virtual Tours effective in gaining more business?

Hi, Richard here.

I have just been reading a brief article regarding the effectiveness of Virtual Tours in attracting more business. I thought I would share it with you.

Posted on April 14, 2010, 3:40 pm, by VFM Leonardo.

Did you know?

Travel shoppers who view photos, virtual tours, and video of your hotel
are 115% more likely to book than travel shoppers who view photos alone.1 Use a combination of media types to represent your hotel online. Here’s why…

Video serves as an overview of the property and location and helps establish an emotional connection with travel shoppers.

Virtual Tours help tell your story by demonstrating size and scope of features and amenities.

Photos show your hotel at a glance and can highlight finishing touches in detail.
A combination of all three types of media give travel shoppers a comprehensive view of a hotel and what they can expect during their stay.

1 VFM Leonardo, Report on Results of Consumer Hotel Rich Media Viewing & Booking Conversion Study, April 2008.

Virtual Tours and Ghosts

Virtual Tours and Ghosts


Now here’s a mystery………

Some time ago Richard did a Virtual Tour for an old hotel in Wales, and we are talking centuries old here!

Anyway, back at base we started to process the images and were quite taken aback at a particular shot of the Bar area. Richard is an old sceptic, but even he could not explain away this one!

So here is the image, take a good look at the ‘Specials’ board which has been wiped clean. Can you see the three heads?? The more you look the more the details become apparent. The Hotel is reportedly haunted by the way!

Spooky or what!

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