Thought I might go a bit more light hearted today, its Tuesday and raining, so I hope I can make you smile a little……
During the course of his commissions, Richard sometimes gets asked if when he is editing the Virtual Tours, he could make ‘some little tweeks!’
On the whole Richard would rather present what is there truthfully , because one of the advantages of Virtual Tours is to give potential customers complete confidence, that what they see is what they get. OK – a bit of lawn tidying, or turning a grey sky blue is acceptable, but removing a pylon from a window? or covering up large cracks? I think not!! LOL
Anyway – on that note I have penned a little ditty…..OK OK the next Poet Laureate I am NOT! ;o)

    Some Client Requests!

Can you erase the damp spot in the hall?
Put bricks back in the garden wall
Make the flowers a brighter hue
Ensure the sky is clear and blue!
Can you cover up the miles of wire?
Make that pylon look like a spire
Fill that crack behind the door
Polish up the wooden floor
Make that old sofa look a treat!
Line the towels up nice and neat
Make that bedroom lamp look brighter
Change the room colour so it’s lighter!
Can you take the weeds out of the lawn
Patch that curtain, it’s a little torn
And can you make granny’s old chair
Look like Harrods put it there?
Now can I just inform you all
Your requests sometimes bewilder
I am Richard the Virtual Tour guy
Not chuffin’ Bob the Builder!!

Cheers x