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Do 360 Virtual Tours Work?

Do 360 Virtual Tours Work?


As it approaches the end of the year, we have been looking back over 2011 and looking at what has been achieved. It is always easy to sit back and congratulate yourselves on a job well done, but in the end it is not what we think that matters, it is what the property owners think.

So with this in mind I took a little peek at the viewing statistics on The Virtual Cottage Company, which as you know is part of the 360Virtual-Tours family of websites. Do 360 Virtual Tours work?

This chart make some interesting viewing, and demonstrates the value of having a virtual tour on your website. (The property Number is the Listing number as shown on The Virtual Cottage Company )

Average Monthly Viewings

As time goes by The Virtual Cottage Company increases in its visibility, via Facebook, Twitter as well as organic Search Engine optimisation. We are already on page1 Google for a number of search criteria. Viewings will continue to increase and with more viewings come more bookings.

As someone once said, having a website, without promoting it, is like having a fancy TV advert, without buying “air time”. So it is with Holiday Cottage owners. If you have a website, HAVE A 360 VIRTUAL TOUR and have it listed on The Virtual Cottage Company to help in your cottage promotion and gain more bookings.

With that in mind may we take this opportunity to thank our customers for Virtual Tour commissions in 2011, and wish you all a prosperous 2012.

360 Virtual Tours – UK’s No. 1 Virtual Tour provider?

360 Virtual Tours – UK’s No. 1 Virtual Tour provider?

Hi Readers,


We have all seen those adverts / websites claiming to be No.1 or the Market Leader.  Have we asked the questions:

  • Leaders at what?
  • No 1 for doing what?
Those that claim these dubious titles, do they justify what they claim? How do they know they are No.1? What evidence do they provide to back up their claims… We can all claim to be No. 1, we can all claim to be Market Leaders… but there is only room at the top for one company.

At, we do not claim to be No. 1   We do not claim to be market leaders.

We simply get on with the business in hand, in providing a first class service, high quality product at extremely competitive prices. We have provided virtual tours for over 800 properties, all having multiple scenes, floor plans etc. We also have a growing list of satisfied clients.

Are we No.1? Are we Market Leaders?     Who cares? We certainly don’t care about status. We only care about giving total satisfaction to our clients. In the end, that is all that matters. Happy Customers.

More School Virtual Tours

More School Virtual Tours

Hi readers,

Yet more schools are adding 360 virtual tours to their websites.

In the past two weeks we have completed 2 more school 360 virtual tours, and there are more to come.
The addition of a virtual tour to a school website provides so much more “information” regarding the school and is invaluable in:

. Displaying the entire school to current parents, family and pupils.
. Attracting new children and families to the school.
. Enabling associated overseas schools to see what the school looks like.
. Demonstrates the schools willingness to keep up with internet technology.
. Proudly demonstrates to the local community the schools facilities

Im sure there are many other reasons too, but for now, thats it….

Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hi Friends,

We have been busy adding listings to our new website The Virtual Cottage Company. Spring is here, and here we are at the computer. Such is life.

We now have 80 listings, and more are being added almost daily.

We have always said Virtual Tours are a great way to showcase your properties, but if your website is not seen that much, then as someone once said regarding Search Engine Optimisation, “if you dont do SEO, its like paying for a fabulous TV Advert, without buying “air time” … How True!!! So that is why joining the fellow advertisers on The Virtual Cottage Company, and letting us worry about the SEO, is a great way to get your property seen.

Bye for now.

Not sitting on your laurels!

Not sitting on your laurels!

There are thousands of successful businesses even in these difficult financial times, there are also many struggling…..

Some businesses have the motto ‘ its always worked as it is in the past’ and some look to the future and how they can make it grow and prosper.

Its the ‘glass half full or half empty’ syndrome I suppose. Some people see these hard times as a chance to make things better, while others prefer to be cautious, sit back and take whatever comes. We have a client who has a background in marketing and as now moved into the holiday property business. His outlook is so positive and he is constantly reviewing his website, changing, adding and renewing – as you would in any business. Its working! He is so successful and growing his business constantly.

Richard does the same with our website, he also constantly researches and improves the service and it is paying great dividends! We are well on the way to our 700th Virtual Tour.

Just my opinion, but we have never had a client yet who said a Virtual Tour has damaged or regressed their business!! So maybe its time some came out of their comfort zone and forged ahead with their business.

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