There are thousands of successful businesses even in these difficult financial times, there are also many struggling…..

Some businesses have the motto ‘ its always worked as it is in the past’ and some look to the future and how they can make it grow and prosper.

Its the ‘glass half full or half empty’ syndrome I suppose. Some people see these hard times as a chance to make things better, while others prefer to be cautious, sit back and take whatever comes. We have a client who has a background in marketing and as now moved into the holiday property business. His outlook is so positive and he is constantly reviewing his website, changing, adding and renewing – as you would in any business. Its working! He is so successful and growing his business constantly.

Richard does the same with our website, he also constantly researches and improves the service and it is paying great dividends! We are well on the way to our 700th Virtual Tour.

Just my opinion, but we have never had a client yet who said a Virtual Tour has damaged or regressed their business!! So maybe its time some came out of their comfort zone and forged ahead with their business.