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Nice Customers of 360 Virtual Tours

Nice Customers of 360 Virtual Tours

Hi Readers,

You all know that feeling when you have done a good job. However, its nothing compared to when your customers tell you you have done a good job.

In the past couple of weeks we have had such wonderful comments from our satisfied clients. “Thank you for your expertise” Thanks for a wonderful job” etc. Makes you glow….

Well we have had a very busy couple of weeks and it continues. Schools, cottages, public government offices you name it, we get it done. With around 20 cottages to do, we will be busy processing for a while, long hours over the computer.

None of it would be worth it if you didnt get the occasional “pat on the back”

A big “Thank you” to our clients. You know who you are.


More School Virtual Tours

More School Virtual Tours

Hi readers,

Yet more schools are adding 360 virtual tours to their websites.

In the past two weeks we have completed 2 more school 360 virtual tours, and there are more to come.
The addition of a virtual tour to a school website provides so much more “information” regarding the school and is invaluable in:

. Displaying the entire school to current parents, family and pupils.
. Attracting new children and families to the school.
. Enabling associated overseas schools to see what the school looks like.
. Demonstrates the schools willingness to keep up with internet technology.
. Proudly demonstrates to the local community the schools facilities

Im sure there are many other reasons too, but for now, thats it….

Still here!

Still here!

Hi Friends,

Yes we are still here, although it has been a while since our last post.
With more “mouths to feed” in the family of 360 Virtual Tours, it is keeping us busy.

Since our last post we have completed another school “Whitstable Church of England Aided Primary School” , Low Penhowe Bed and Breakfast and its two Holiday cottages, Hatfield House Bed and Breakfast in Llandudno as well as several holiday cottages for North Wales Holiday Cottages. In addition we have been busy adding more holiday cottages and Bed and Breakfasts to the new directory. The Virtual Cottage Company as well as frantically working on its search engine optimisation.

Never a dull moment in this business.

So sorry if you have missed us, but often at the end of the day, I simply forget to BLOG…

Off to Wales again this coming week, more Bunkhouses, cottages etc… no peace for the Virtual Tour Photographer……

Bye for now.

Latest School 360 Virtual Tour

Latest School 360 Virtual Tour


Another of our Primary School Virtual Tours has just gone live and everyone is very pleased with it! Its fun to use, as the Kiwis help guide you around. ┬áThe school is Kiwi Primary School in Bulford Camp, Wiltshire and the whole website is fabulous, very user friendly and interactive, well done Primary Sites Web Design – its a great job and a good portal for us to demonstrate our 360 Virtual Tour.!

If you want to have a look ………

Kiwi School Website

Let’s hope lots more Primary Schools use this powerful medium to show off their schools and facilities.

School Virtual Tours are growing!

School Virtual Tours are growing!

Richard has done several schools lately, with another two completed this week and two more due to be published in the next couple of days. The schools are delighted with not only the quality and ease of use of the Virtual Tours, but report back that the children love the interactivity, are able to show extended families ‘their school’ and ‘new’ pupils can familiarise themselves before starting to attend. They are also great marketing tools for under subscribed / new schools.

Have a look for yourself ….. see what you think …..

Pinfold Primary School, Hattersley

St.Wilfrid’s RC High School, Wakefield

We have been amazed too at the facilities schools offer their pupils now, not like our day!! lol or in Richards case the days of slate board and chalk!! hehehe only kidding…….

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