Well having just completed another 35 Virtual Tours has been hectic to say the least!! So now there are a couple of days respite until Richard starts the next lot – time to get him started on a few DIY jobs around the house – me thinks!

Its great for Richard to be so busy but it does tend to mean that all other jobs at home go onto the backburner. Still, am not complaining work is work LOL.

We have had some great positive feedback from customers lately and it really does put the icing on top of the cupcake so to speak! For people to take the time to email and say how thrilled they are with the work Richard did is just great! It is so encouraging and motivating. He really is getting a reputation for his work and he so deserves it! He has spent hour after hour perfecting what he does and I think the proof of the pudding is in the viewing. His Virtual Tours are excellent quality and so reasonably priced compared to some. I am so proud of him – keep going my love, in the meantime get your tools out for a few jobs I have in mind at home ……….hahaha!