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New Customers using 360 virtual tours.

New Customers using 360 virtual tours.

Hi Readers…. Sorry it has been a long time since our last post….

We have been so busy, not had the time to post, and I suppose we should not complain.

Two new customers are now benefiting from their Virtual Tours….. 58 360 virtual tours in all.

These are Marsdens Holiday Cottages and Ingrid Flute Yorkshire Holiday Cottages

So for anyone wanting a holiday cottage in North Devon or North Yorkshire, you know where to look…. and with their Virtual Tours, with some of the properties you can have a complete look around….

We are sure more will be added in the near future… Enjoy your Staycation…..


360 Virtual Tours help UK Holiday Makers

360 Virtual Tours help UK Holiday Makers

Hi Readers,

As we all know, once Christmas is over, the TV is full of Holiday Adverts. (well apart from money lenders, claims lawyers etc. )

Well to help put some figures on that, in relation to 360 Virtual Tours and Holiday Cottages, we can report a 50% increase in viewings of our 360 Virtual Tours since the beginning of January. Not bad and we are only at January 6th.

360 virtual tours are a great way to showcase holiday cottages, enabling potential holiday guests to have a detailed view before they book. It is like “open house” 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. The 360 virtual tour clearly demonstrates the confidence of the owner in the quality of the cottages and gives the potential holiday guest confidence in the suitability of the cottage for their needs. Look before you book….

In addition, the figures are 25% up on the same period in 2011.

So despite all the Mayan 2012 Doom merchants, the “half full brigade” here’s wishing you all a busy 2012.

Lets all work to a better 2012.

Do 360 Virtual Tours Work?

Do 360 Virtual Tours Work?


As it approaches the end of the year, we have been looking back over 2011 and looking at what has been achieved. It is always easy to sit back and congratulate yourselves on a job well done, but in the end it is not what we think that matters, it is what the property owners think.

So with this in mind I took a little peek at the viewing statistics on The Virtual Cottage Company, which as you know is part of the 360Virtual-Tours family of websites. Do 360 Virtual Tours work?

This chart make some interesting viewing, and demonstrates the value of having a virtual tour on your website. (The property Number is the Listing number as shown on The Virtual Cottage Company )

Average Monthly Viewings

As time goes by The Virtual Cottage Company increases in its visibility, via Facebook, Twitter as well as organic Search Engine optimisation. We are already on page1 Google for a number of search criteria. Viewings will continue to increase and with more viewings come more bookings.

As someone once said, having a website, without promoting it, is like having a fancy TV advert, without buying “air time”. So it is with Holiday Cottage owners. If you have a website, HAVE A 360 VIRTUAL TOUR and have it listed on The Virtual Cottage Company to help in your cottage promotion and gain more bookings.

With that in mind may we take this opportunity to thank our customers for Virtual Tour commissions in 2011, and wish you all a prosperous 2012.

Marketing a holiday property!

Marketing a holiday property!


Richard is back on the Welsh trail again this week, doing more 360 Virtual Tours of holiday properties.

Its good to see that some people are already thinking about next years bookings and of course Christmas and New Year, so by having a Virtual Tour they are making the most of marketing their properties!

There must be thousands of holiday properties throughout the UK, let alone the rest of the world. Many owners think that by just having a Website with a few images and some text, its going to bring customers flooding in! Not necessarily! Only this week one of our clients told us that many visitors have commented on their Virtual Tour, how it gave a better indication of the size and facilities than just photos.

In Wales, we work with some of the major Holiday Rental companies and they work hard at promoting their website and therefore benefiting their owners. They will all attest to the positive benefits of a Virtual Tour.

Remember, booking a holiday is a major personal decision and the more information we can give potential customers the better. Half the fun of booking is the LOOKING!

So well done those owners who are thinking ahead and giving their potential customers the visual impact and booking confidence of a Virtual Tour. ………..and remember a POOR Quality Virtual Tour is worse than none at all.

We are not the dearest, or the cheapest BUT we are one of the best!

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