Richard is back on the Welsh trail again this week, doing more 360 Virtual Tours of holiday properties.

Its good to see that some people are already thinking about next years bookings and of course Christmas and New Year, so by having a Virtual Tour they are making the most of marketing their properties!

There must be thousands of holiday properties throughout the UK, let alone the rest of the world. Many owners think that by just having a Website with a few images and some text, its going to bring customers flooding in! Not necessarily! Only this week one of our clients told us that many visitors have commented on their Virtual Tour, how it gave a better indication of the size and facilities than just photos.

In Wales, we work with some of the major Holiday Rental companies and they work hard at promoting their website and therefore benefiting their owners. They will all attest to the positive benefits of a Virtual Tour.

Remember, booking a holiday is a major personal decision and the more information we can give potential customers the better. Half the fun of booking is the LOOKING!

So well done those owners who are thinking ahead and giving their potential customers the visual impact and booking confidence of a Virtual Tour. ………..and remember a POOR Quality Virtual Tour is worse than none at all.

We are not the dearest, or the cheapest BUT we are one of the best!