Is it a Virtual Tour?


OK – I am having a bit of a rant today! so bear with me.

When we compile a 360 Virtual Tour here, we do the FULL 360 including the Nadir and Zenith (top and bottom) which takes a little longer but really is not rocket science. It just involves a little matching etc, but as many clients have gone to expense to have nice flooring / carpeting, or an old building has aged oak beams or a fancy plastered ceiling, why should these features be missed? or covered by a label?

Also many so called 360 Virtual Tours only have a top to bottom range of about 100 – 120 degrees or 50 degrees above and below the horizon, which misses about 1/3 of the total Tour.

Although there are no hard and fast rules about what comprises a 360 Virtual Tour, its amazing what seems to pass as one!

Many potential clients, when initially broached about having a Virtual Tour, are quite negative and have been put off by exorbitant costs or poor quality VTs which they have seen or been quoted for and it can be difficult to turn around those negatives and give people confidence in the quality and cost effectiveness of our service.

But over 600 Virtual Tours later – we must be doing something right!