Well, Richard had a first this month! A children’s indoor adventure playground! Rufty Tuftys is in Ambleside in the Lake District and is a phenomenal place for children to let off steam and energy!

Anyway they decided they would like a 360 Virtual Tour – so off Richard went with camera and tripod.

Well……..if I could have sold tickets to watch – I would have done! I would think that any flies on the wall would have died laughing – but work is work LOL!

Now, for anyone who has ever met or seen Richard he is NOT a racing snake!! (sorry darling!) His belly shows evidence of his enjoying his food :o)

Now picture this cuddlesome 50+ fella going through an adventure playground with camera and tripod, negotiating padded rollers, coming down slides and tackling rope walkways! (Raiders of the Lost Ark?? – I think not!!! hahaha)

Anyway, bless him he pulled off a tremendous job, its bright, colourful, great detail

Rufty Tufty’s Tour

What next!! LOL