This IS an impressive virtual tour.

How about an tour, comprising 70,000 images stitched together and 365 GIGApixels in size…. taken at an altitude of 3,500meters in sub zero temperatures….which if printed at 300dpi would cover a football pitch….. NOW THATS IMPRESSIVE…

Bit like a bus… you wait ages for one, then two arrive together… so it is in the world of Virtual Tours.
In our work, one room displayed through 360 degrees and up and down 180 degrees, takes 18 images, and the image we use in the tour before compression is around 200MB in size

Take a look for yourself…. (and no, Im not that crazy to do this kind of work… but I take my hat off to those that did..)

Click on the image below to enter the tour.
virtual tour of Mont Blanc