We now work with several Holiday Cottage companies and provide Virtual Tours for them, as well as the hundreds of individual cottage owners who have bitten the relatively inexpensive bullet (shop around! though we are confident in our quality versus low cost and so have 700+ clients been) and decided to invest in a Virtual Tour.

Hats off to all of those clients for recognising that A) online bookings will increase, and yes! we have evidence of that, but also B) it shows that cottage owners / businesses are not complacent in their marketing and promotion and want to keep one step ahead of the competition.

” we have thought about it but we are doing all right at the moment” oh how many times have we heard that? Is that the way to progress your business?

What has always worked in the past won’t necessarily always work in the future, and the competition are gaining that extra ground!

Consider a Virtual Tour as a business investment that will repay itself with ONE extra booking.

Just a thought ………