Am going to have a bit of a rant again.
Why do Estate Agents not see the benefits of a good Virtual Tour on their properties for sale?
Some have started to do their own (ahem! quality malfunctions most of the time!) Why do they feel that a poorly presented Virtual Tour is going to do the job? Is that not just paying lip service – and charging customers for poor quality work (oops! did I say that?) Must be that Estate Agents are soooo poorly recompensed for their work (did I say that too??? LOL)
Come on guys – you Estate Agents – at the forefront of property marketing – invest and sell your properties as they should be sold and get some decent Virtual Tours done for your customers.
Richard did a Virtual Tour on our property, which is on the market, and EVERY viewer so far has said they have seen the Virtual Tour and that prompted them to view!
Makes you think!