OK – you have had enough of the the stresses and strains of everyday living……

You yearn for somewhere relaxing and peaceful with more fresh air than your lungs can cope with……………

Miles of walks and breathtaking scenery to enjoy………………..

Look no further than the Yorkshire Dales!

We have been lucky enough to work with Judith at Cathole Cottages for the last couple of years. Judith is a canny Yorkshire Lass and saw the benefits of Virtual Tours on her website to promote her cottages and give customers complete confidence in their booking. The name Cathole comes from the name of the Inn that her parents used to own in Keld. The other meaning of Cat Hole I am sure you avid hikers and walkers will know what they are! :0)

Most of Catholes cottages are based around Gunnerside, a lovely little village nestled in Swaledale, offering the amateur or experienced hiker the perfect base from which to explore the Dales.

Take a look and book with confidence – because what you see (on the Virtual Tours) is what ya gets!

Cathole Cottages