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Mont Blanc Virtual Tour

This IS an impressive virtual tour.

How about an tour, comprising 70,000 images stitched together and 365 GIGApixels in size…. taken at an altitude of 3,500meters in sub zero temperatures….which if printed at 300dpi would cover a football pitch….. NOW THATS IMPRESSIVE…

Bit like a bus… you wait ages for one, then two arrive together… so it is in the world of Virtual Tours.
In our work, one room displayed through 360 degrees and up and down 180 degrees, takes 18 images, and the image we use in the tour before compression is around 200MB in size

Take a look for yourself…. (and no, Im not that crazy to do this kind of work… but I take my hat off to those that did..)

Click on the image below to enter the tour.
virtual tour of Mont Blanc

360 virtual tour of Son Doong Caves, Vietnam

Caving 360 Virtual Tour

Occasionally I come across something in the world of panoramic photography that completely takes my breath away…
The other day I came across this 360 Virtual Tour of Son Doong Cave in Vietnam….

Click on the image below to enter the tour.
virtual tour of Son Doong Cave

Not only is the photography brilliant, but the tour of this 4 Km cave complex reveals some totally stunning sights. Please take your time and go through it carefully. Sometimes you just cannot believe the scale of these caves, so dont forget to zoom in to see the detail.

So why not take a look. At least this way you dont get wet, claustrophobic and bug eaten….

Buckingham Palace Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour of Buckingham Palace

Just thought some of you might be interested…. how the other half live so to speak… Here is a short 360 Virtual Tour of Buckingham Palace.
Unfortunately not a commission that I completed, but interesting for those of you that have not visited Buckingham Palace, London SW1A 1AA

… and just incase you thought…. No I havent been there either… but this is a great way to have a sneaky peak.

Click on the image to view the Virtual Tour.
360 Virtual Tour of Buckingham Palace

Not bad eh? Mind you, I wouldnt like to have to do the cleaning…..

“Tardis” 360 Virtual Tour

“Tardis” virtual tour

In our recent trip to West Wales, we shot a virtual tour for a client.
When we looked at the still image of the front of the property, we thought, OK, nice little place, is a small village in Pembrokeshire.
However, once inside we found it a bit like the Tardis, from Dr. Who…
Have a look for yourself…

Ty Bet. (The details can be found on
Click on the image to view the Virtual Tour.

360 Virtual Tour of Ty Bet

Beaufifully presented and in a great location for St Davids and the Pembrokeshire coastline with some beautiful beaches.

Cottage Virtual Tour example for iPad/iPhone

Hi All,

Here is an example of a tour produced which is viewable on most devices, such as ipad/iphone/android phones and tablets as well as PC and Macs…

More and more tours are now being produced this way…


iPad / iPhone / Android Phones and Tablets – 360 Virtual Tours available.

Hi Readers.

Never happy with the status quo, we have been developing 360 virtual tours which are accessible on all devices such as iPads, iPhones, Android Phones, PC’s or Apple Macs. In the latter stages of testing, along with the ability to connect to the tour using a QR code.

So, all of you out there with these wonderful devices, check it out… see if it works and let me have your feedback. All comments welcome.

Simply scan the QR code below, and you will be whisked away to a little holiday cottage in Wales.

QR Code generator

I look forward to your comments.

360 Virtual Tour of the Welsh Harp Centre

Hi Readers,

Amongst the many holiday cottages and schools that we do, we occasionally get asked to provide a 360 virtual Tour for somewhere a little different.

Always willing to oblige, I was really happy to be able to, in a small way, promote the wonderful skills to be seen at Telynau Teifi, The Welsh Harp Centre in Llandysul, Ceredigion. The workmanship and skills of the staff at Telynau Teifi are to be cherished. If you are ever down in Mid Wales, give them a call, and go and see for yourself. In the meantime, have a look at their 360 Virtual Tour.

(Sorry it is a little big for my blog window.) Don’t forget to have your volume controller ON.

Best Wishes to my new friends at Telynau Teifi.


New Customers using 360 virtual tours.

Hi Readers…. Sorry it has been a long time since our last post….

We have been so busy, not had the time to post, and I suppose we should not complain.

Two new customers are now benefiting from their Virtual Tours….. 58 360 virtual tours in all.

These are Marsdens Holiday Cottages and Ingrid Flute Yorkshire Holiday Cottages

So for anyone wanting a holiday cottage in North Devon or North Yorkshire, you know where to look…. and with their Virtual Tours, with some of the properties you can have a complete look around….

We are sure more will be added in the near future… Enjoy your Staycation…..


360 Virtual Tours help UK Holiday Makers

Hi Readers,

As we all know, once Christmas is over, the TV is full of Holiday Adverts. (well apart from money lenders, claims lawyers etc. )

Well to help put some figures on that, in relation to 360 Virtual Tours and Holiday Cottages, we can report a 50% increase in viewings of our 360 Virtual Tours since the beginning of January. Not bad and we are only at January 6th.

360 virtual tours are a great way to showcase holiday cottages, enabling potential holiday guests to have a detailed view before they book. It is like “open house” 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. The 360 virtual tour clearly demonstrates the confidence of the owner in the quality of the cottages and gives the potential holiday guest confidence in the suitability of the cottage for their needs. Look before you book….

In addition, the figures are 25% up on the same period in 2011.

So despite all the Mayan 2012 Doom merchants, the “half full brigade” here’s wishing you all a busy 2012.

Lets all work to a better 2012.

360 Virtual Tours – UK’s No. 1 Virtual Tour provider?

Hi Readers,


We have all seen those adverts / websites claiming to be No.1 or the Market Leader.  Have we asked the questions:

  • Leaders at what?
  • No 1 for doing what?
Those that claim these dubious titles, do they justify what they claim? How do they know they are No.1? What evidence do they provide to back up their claims… We can all claim to be No. 1, we can all claim to be Market Leaders… but there is only room at the top for one company.

At, we do not claim to be No. 1   We do not claim to be market leaders.

We simply get on with the business in hand, in providing a first class service, high quality product at extremely competitive prices. We have provided virtual tours for over 800 properties, all having multiple scenes, floor plans etc. We also have a growing list of satisfied clients.

Are we No.1? Are we Market Leaders?     Who cares? We certainly don’t care about status. We only care about giving total satisfaction to our clients. In the end, that is all that matters. Happy Customers.


  • This morning I received yet another telephone call from a delighted customer. The customer having seen a 360 tour of one of our properties promptly booked stating (about the virtual tour): \"The photography, its presentation and layout was excellent\". He went on to say that after hours of trawling websites looking for his next holiday destination this tour stood out and did far more to secure his booking than any flowery descriptions, still photos or price incentive. Thank you Mr Scutt for your professional service and excellent product. On a more selfish note; Thank you for all the extra business your Virtual Tours bring in.
    Richard Griffiths
  • 360 Virtual tours visited my premises to film the tour for my website.The information provided before the visit was clear and precise. The filming was carried out without any interruption to our business in a professional and friendly manner.The final product was better than we had hoped for and after-sales service and advice has also been very good. I would highly recommend the company.
    Ann Bottril
  • I have had a chance to peruse the tour of this idyllic cottage .... fell in love with it all over again reading your descriptions and viewing marvellous photos!!
    Brenda Mackey
  • Richard provided a very friendly and professional service at a great price and with superb attention to detail. We are very impressed with the end product and we can\'t recommend his company highly enough.
    Pat Holt
  • Thank you for the virtual tours you have done of our coaches for our website, its really helped to prove to our customers the quality of the coaches and facilities we can offer without the need for them to come and visit.
    We have received numerous favourable comment regarding our website and in particular the virtual tours, in the current financial climate it was a small amount of money well spent!!
    Richard Bamber, Partner

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