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360 virtual tours 48 hours a day?

Hi Readers,

So much to do, so little time. If only we could have 48 hours a day….

In addition to we also run, and

The SEO for all these takes its time, but we are also expanding our services to our Virtual Tour clients.
Smart Phone /iPhone/iPad virtual tours are available, so are tours compatible with Facebook. Video versions of Virtual Tours for YouTube are just about ready for launch, and we have a new website under development. We are also looking into a new area which is under wraps for the moment.

Mind you, its still just the background work we have to do in addition to our main activity in providing quality 360 Virtual Tours at extremely competitive prices, for our growing list of clients.

Thank goodness for caffeine…. roll on 48 hours a day.

Video versus Virtual Tour

Now I ain’t about to start decrying Video production, because Videos have their rightful place and benefits for many projects, but I think when it comes to properties that Virtual Tours have definite advantages.

OK – so you own a Holiday property or Hotel and decide to have something more graphic than single images on your Website… you choose Video of Virtual Tour? Well … on the Video the gates to your property swing open and the Video pans around the entrance, then the front door opens in slow motion ….. all very nice…..


what happens when you decide to completely refurbish a couple of rooms, or have a swish new kitchen installed? Do you have a complete new Video filmed? Expensive!

With a Virtual Tour the replacement scenes can be photographed and edited quickly and seamlessly into the Virtual Tour, at far less cost. Also I think Virtual Tours are far more interactive for the viewer, they can scan, zoom in and out, quickly change scenes from one room to another etc etc. We have done several reshoots for clients when they have upgraded an aspect of the property – one recently had a hot tub installed into the garden – a major attraction for guests and it was so easy to add into the Virtual Tour, but what if they had had a Video instead? Another advantage is that with a Virtual Tour you are showing your prospective customers EVERYTHING from floor to ceiling AND wall to wall, how many Videos do that?

Anyway – I am biased! LOL :o)


  • This morning I received yet another telephone call from a delighted customer. The customer having seen a 360 tour of one of our properties promptly booked stating (about the virtual tour): \"The photography, its presentation and layout was excellent\". He went on to say that after hours of trawling websites looking for his next holiday destination this tour stood out and did far more to secure his booking than any flowery descriptions, still photos or price incentive. Thank you Mr Scutt for your professional service and excellent product. On a more selfish note; Thank you for all the extra business your Virtual Tours bring in.
    Richard Griffiths
  • 360 Virtual tours visited my premises to film the tour for my website.The information provided before the visit was clear and precise. The filming was carried out without any interruption to our business in a professional and friendly manner.The final product was better than we had hoped for and after-sales service and advice has also been very good. I would highly recommend the company.
    Ann Bottril
  • I have had a chance to peruse the tour of this idyllic cottage .... fell in love with it all over again reading your descriptions and viewing marvellous photos!!
    Brenda Mackey
  • Richard provided a very friendly and professional service at a great price and with superb attention to detail. We are very impressed with the end product and we can\'t recommend his company highly enough.
    Pat Holt
  • Thank you for the virtual tours you have done of our coaches for our website, its really helped to prove to our customers the quality of the coaches and facilities we can offer without the need for them to come and visit.
    We have received numerous favourable comment regarding our website and in particular the virtual tours, in the current financial climate it was a small amount of money well spent!!
    Richard Bamber, Partner

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