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Do Virtual Tours appeal more to women?

Do Virtual Tours appeal more to women than men? I am not being sexist in anyway, but I think on the whole women ‘buy’ with their eyes more than men. I know as a woman, when I am buying something, say a dress, it has to attract visually first, then I want to feel it, check the cleaning instructions, try it on etc etc…….
so the more I can find out about that product before purchasing the better! A lot of men tend to see something on the rack, say ‘thats ok’ and buy it! (Not ALL men – I know!)
My theory is that in the main when booking a holiday together, after choosing location together, many women will then want to see a range of available accommodation and the more of those properties that you can show them the better! Virtual Tours give people the confidence to see what they are buying, while single images can be ‘selective’ shall we say? LOL. How many bridegrooms have chosen their wedding venue? My bet is they were ‘guided’ to the right decision by their partner.
I always look at Virtual Tours when I come across them, natural and professional curiosity and I am sure many other women do too.
I like a good nosy!! :o)
Oh well – just my opinion…. feel free to disagree


I have had a chance to peruse the tour of this idyllic cottage .... fell in love with it all over again reading your descriptions and viewing marvellous photos!!
Brenda Mackey
Richard provided a very friendly and professional service at a great price and with superb attention to detail. We are very impressed with the end product and we can't recommend his company highly enough.
Pat Holt
Thank you for the virtual tours you have done of our coaches for our website, its really helped to prove to our customers the quality of the coaches and facilities we can offer without the need for them to come and visit.
We have received numerous favourable comment regarding our website and in particular the virtual tours, in the current financial climate it was a small amount of money well spent!!
Richard Bamber, Partner
"Yes I would recommend 360Virtual-Tours.
Richard did the tour of Canal Barn in July and in the short time it has been up on our web site we have had some very favourable comments from our visitors. It is too early to say whether it will help in getting us extra bookings but the feedback is that it certainly helps people get a good flavour of what Canal Barn is like. One visitor commented that the photos on our web site makes the bunkhouse look a lot smaller than it really is but that the virtual tour gives a much more accurate idea of its size, giving them a much more favourable impression of the place than if they had only had the photos to go on.
Also Richard was very flexible, helpful and easy to work with. He seemed genuinely keen to do the best job he could for us."
Ralph Day, Owner
"Far and away the best quality and value for money virtual tours we have come across. We have used 360Virtual-Tours for the past 4 years and can not fault their exceptional service and more to the point our customers love the tours and often book because of them."
Richard Griffiths

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